Cranial Work

What is Cranial Therapy or Craniopathy?
The bones of the skull form a protective covering as well as functional support for the brain. The bones interconnect at the sutures to allow firm yet subtle mobility.

AT no time in your life should the cranial bones be fused together. This would be a disease condition. Instead they can be jammed, overlapped, dented, raised, spread, or distorted with reactions in the brain.

When cranial bones get distorted by trauma or chronic muscular pull or even jaw and teeth conditions, you can have subtle or obvious changes in the brain fucntion, depending where the pressure and irritation has its effects.

So loss of short term memory, poor concentration, severe headaches, altered vision, hearing, speech, smell and taste, digestion problems, sciatica and more can occur. A thorough cranial exam can detect changes in the head and we can map the problems and start to correct them with very gentle hand pressure to the bones and sutures.

Depending on the extent, chronicity and recovery available to the person, the treatments are done till adequate cranial rlease occurs. This can take quite a few visits for some and lesser amounts for others.

If you have or suspect a head or brain health problem, discuss it with Dr. Dittmer. As always she will examine you and suggest treatment, or refer you to the appropriate specialist.

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