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QRA – Quantum Reflex Analysis

Adapted from “What is QRA”, Premier Research Labs, Austin

QRA – (Quantum Reflex Analysis) – Accurate and Rapid Testing and Nutritional Based System that Really Works

What is QRA?

QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) is a unique, highly effective system of testing the bio-energetic status of the body’s key organs and glands using a university-proven Applied Kinesiology type muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. During a QRA session, the doctor will test key points on the surface of your body to determine their status. QRA is taught through seminars conducted by Bob Marshall, PhD, CCN and the staff of Premier Research Labs of Round Rock/Austin, TX.

What happens in a QRA session?

At the beginning of your appointment, we discuss your health concerns and cover any questions that may come up. After that we work our way through the appropriate organ-reflex points to locate problem areas. Once the weak areas are detected, we determine which specific actions will best strengthen and restore vitality in these areas. You will receive a customized home program, based on a combination of advanced detoxification procedures, targeted supplements, exercises, and other health-building practices.

What can I do before the QRA session?

Start using good quality food and nutritional concentrates like Green Mix, Coral Complex and EFA oil at each meal. However, do NOT take them (or any other supplements) on the day of your visit. Fill out our clinic Intake forms and Additional QRA consent and bring them with you, together with any other medical records that might be relevant for your case. I also encourage you to bring with you a family member or a friend to better help you remember what to do at home, after you leave.

How can QRA help me?

Using QRA, the doctor initially quickly pinpoints problem areas and determines the precise nutrients and the exact amounts needed to rapidly restore the ideal cellular resonance for that area. Follow-up visits may further expose pathological reflexes and hidden IFs, (like the side effects of deep trauma, vaccines, allergies, teeth issues, emotional stress, etc.) that hinder body’s repair mechanisms.

What is an IF?

IF stands for “Interference Field”. An IF is an area of the body where there has been previous trauma, an old scar or a whiplash from a car accident. Even though a trauma may be very old and is no longer painful, it can still act like a powerful short-circuit of the body’s natural energy flow to a specific organ or gland, thus creating many problems — often unresolvable even with many types of treatment.

Eliminating IFs.

IFs are extremely common and are routinely missed on standard evaluations. Often, the root cause of many problems is due to hidden IFs. Now QRA can identify if you have IFs and help you eliminate them. The process requires good tissular oxygen support, deep detoxification, and bio-energetic and neurological reintegration. All of them will be gradually addressed during your visits.

Thimble or Wheel Barrow?

Even though it often starts as a wheel barrow full of supplements and home instructions, once your active IFs are eliminated, a thimble full of nutritional supplements can now deliver everything you need. Once the “short circuits” in your biofield (the IFs) have been erased through methods revealed during a QRA examination, the body can return to its ideal cellular resonance and most ideal health.

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