Success Stories

Dr. Dittmer is amazing.  She is the best chiropractor that I've ever gone to--she is thorough, takes her time, and is extremely gifted.  I leave her office feeling the way my body is supposed to feel--aligned and without pain.  I drive from Sacramento to see her and she is worth it!!
-Sylvia P. Young, MFT
Sacramento, CA


When I had an early warning that a recurrence of breast cancer was likely, I was at a loss how to go about a healing process that would stall the progression of the cancer and cause the active cells to quiet down.  Dr. Dittmer worked with me to pinpoint specific supplements that set in motion an effective healing process.  A year later, my mammogram and annual blood tests showed no sign of cancerous activity.  Now I am healthier than I have been in many years.  I am very grateful for Dr. Dittmer’s gentle support, keen intuition and well-developed knowledge base.

 Alice M.


Dr. Sharon Dittmer is an extraordinary person and health practitioner.  A year ago, I had my first complete physical at Kaiser. I was shocked at the high liver enzymes.  My doctor had no explanation.  None.  Her best guess was that I drank a lot of alcohol, which I don't.  I decided to give Dr. Dittmer a call and set up a meeting.  I had worked with her a number of years ago before moving to the south bay.  Using the QRA, Dr. Dittmer told me I had liver flukes.  I was shocked but I was willing to believe that this could be the problem.  I faithfully took all the supplements and performed all the mud packs. I had already eliminated gluten, sugar and processed foods from my diet.  At the end of the treatment I re-tested and the numbers were all normal.  I am 62 years old and I plan to continue working with her to ensure my wellbeing.  Dr. Dittmer is incredibly knowledgeable and has the tools and ability to assist me in keeping my body in balance.  She can answer any of my questions and I enjoy our sessions. Amazingly, Basia answers the phone every time I answer machines!  She has also been extremely helpful and can answer all of the practical questions I have!  They are a real team. 
Maia R, Mtn View
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