Green Tea-ND™(Super Nano Green Tea™) (2 fl. oz.)


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Nanized Green tea formula; delivers quantum-state blood facators for superb digestive, immune, connective tissue, anti-aging and high energy support

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Highly Bioavailable Immune and Anti-Aging Support
Super Nano-Green TeaTM
Centuries of Use
Green tea has graduated from the teapot to the medicine chest
as science has shown its wide-reaching effectiveness in addressing
concerns ranging from sunburn to life-threatening
problems. Research conducted in the last 20 years has confirmed
that green tea, known primarily as a pleasant beverage
around the world, contains a long list of very impressive
phytonutrients that traditional healers have been tapping into
for centuries.
Super Nano-Green Tea™ is the natural choice, unleashing
all of green tea’s powerful benefits not just for those with good
digestion and absorption, but for literally everyone. It is the
first nutraceutical preparation designed to assure absorption of
the full spectrum of green tea’s awesome polyphenols. Using
only quantum-state quality, organic green tea that has been
“nanized” (i.e. pre-digested into extremely small particles),
Super Nano-Green Tea™ is rapidly absorbed into the blood
stream where it immediately goes to work. Even those with
poor digestion can enjoy the full benefits of Super Nano-Green
Tea™’s highly bio-available nutrients. No other form of green
tea can offer such a quantum boost in phytonutrient bioavailability
and quality.
Green Tea vs. Black Tea
Green tea has become famous for its spectacular benefits in
comparison with black tea. What’s the difference between
green tea and black tea? Although both teas come from the
same plant (Camellia sinenis), it is the processing that makes
the key difference. Green tea leaves (harvested as young,
healthy, dark green leaves) are steamed to prevent them from
fermenting, keeping their green color and potent phytochemi-
Anti-Aging and
Immune Booster

P r e m i e r R e s e a r c h L a b s • • “Nutrition that really works”
100% premier quality nutrients (exquisitely well grown and
toxin-free), which promote the most rapid shift to ideal cellular
resonance for great health
The Quantum Nutrition Effect
What is “nanized” green tea?
The word “nano” means very, very small. A “nanized”
concentrate of green tea contains grade 10 green tea that
has been “nanized” or pre-digested into very, very small
particles which makes them extremely bio-available. Even
those with poor digestion can rapidly absorb the “nanized”
green tea. Super Nano-Green Tea™ really demonstrates
the power of the old saying, it’s not what you take, but what
you absorb that makes the difference.
Super Nano-Green TeaTM
Key Benefits
• “Nanized” Green Tea: a revolutionary, highly absorbable
concentrate so you can receive all of green tea’s amazing
• Promotes healthy immune system function
• Supports healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol
within the normal range and fat levels

• Powerful antioxidant; helps prevent AGEs (Advanced Glycation
• Remarkable support for healthy connective tissue and joint
• Delivers a whopping 105 mg of polyphenols per serving
Other green teas may have less than 10 mg or none.
Quantum-State Green Tea Concentrate
for the Whole Family
Anti-Aging and
Immune Booster

Unprecendented “nanized” delivery
system for spectacular absorption of
the green tea’s healing phytonutrients
• Research shows green tea supports
anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor,
anti-mutagenic, and anti-ulcer functions

• Supports anti-hyperglycemic, anti-hypertensive,
and fat reduction; helps protect DNA
from radiation damage
• Powerful antioxidant action; helps suppress
AGEs (Advanced Glycation
Nanized Green Tea
Nanized Green Tea
Highly Bioavailable Immune and Anti-Aging Support

Nanized Green Tea
Green Tea’s Secret
The key phytochemicals in green tea, called
polyphenols, have captured the attention of many
scientific studies. They give green tea its special
Dr. Yukihiko Hara, noted researcher and a world
authority on green tea, has found that its polyphenols
help promote anti-hyperglycemic, anti-hypertensive,
anti-hypercholesterolemic, and fat-reducing
effects. Polyphenols have also been shown to
protect DNA from damage inflicted from harmful
chemicals and even radiation. Green tea’s polyphenols
are also extremely effective as antioxidants
capable of inhibiting mutation and formation of cancerous
cells as well as providing extraordinary protection
for the heart, kidneys and the skin.
Polyphenols and Cancer
Free radicals are dangerous compounds caused by
many things such as exposure to radiation or internal
chemical reactions that can attack your body’s
cells and harm your DNA. Free radicals can multiply,
work together and initiate cascading chain reactions
that, over time, can trigger pathological cell
mutations which may lead to cancer.
The extraordinary bio-availability of the polyphenols
in green tea allows it to easily outperform other
green tea sources delivering antioxidants that neu-
What is “nanized” green tea?
The word “nano” means very, very
small. A superb “nanized” tincture of
green tea contains “beyond organic”
green tea that has been “nanized” or
pre-digested into very, very small particles
which makes them extremely
bio-available. Even those with poor digestion
can rapidly absorb the
“nanized” green tea.
Preserve youth and vitality
with nanized green tea This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
L I T E R A T U R E S E A R C H S E R V I C E S • w w w . l i t e r a t u r e s e a r c h . n e t
even using a nanized version).
Additionally, green tea polyphenols
help prevent LDL cholesterol
from forming atherosclerotic
plaques. That’s great
news for those concerned about
heart and artery disease.
Diabetes and Green Tea
The news about fat and cholesterol
may be of special interest
to the millions of diabetics
who have to watch their weight to maintain their health.
What’s more, green tea is able help quell hyperglycemia
by inhibiting α-amylase, the enzyme that converts carbohydrates
into glucose. For those who struggle with high
blood sugar levels, green tea may provide a key benefit.
Relief For Body and Mind
Green tea’s benefits not only help the body, but the mind
and spirit as well. Green tea users can expect powerful
antioxidant cleansing and protection. Green tea is also famous
as great support for recovery from mental depression,
helps enhance alertness, relief of mental fatigue, and
improvement of mental function without the feeling of nervousness
or being jittery.
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Gupta S, et al. “The inhibition of prostate carcinogenesis in tramp mice by
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Rev. 3/16/04
tralize free radicals, halting
their potentially lethal cascade
and converting them to nontoxic
Polyphenols have also
been shown to protect healthy
cells from mutation and cancer.
One study on the anticarcinogenic
properties of
green tea showed a 44% inhibition
of prostate cancer with
no toxic side effects. Another
study indicated that 50% of mice treated for tumors with
orally administered green tea polyphenols remained tumorfree
with a 70% overall increase in life expectancy. The
antioxidant “oomph” of green tea has also been recommended
as a preventative measure for heart disease, kidney
disease, and skin damage from ultraviolet light exposure.
Anti-Aging Effect
Scientific research shows a direct correlation between the
aging process and the accumulation of harmful compounds
called Advanced Glycosylation End products (AGEs) within
the body. In one cutting-edge study conducted by the University
of Shizuoka, researchers observed that the formation
of AGEs were suppressed by the polyphenolic action
of green tea, thus acting as an agent to greatly decrease
the risk of age-related disease.
Fat and Cholesterol Blocker
Green tea is also an excellent addition to any sensible weight
control program. Fat digestion is reduced through green
tea’s inhibition of the enzymes responsible for fat breakdown,
so rather than accumulating fat in unwanted places,
your body simply passes it through. Green tea’s thermogenic
effects also help to maintain normal body weight. A compelling
study showed that taking three 90 mg. doses/day of
green tea extract burned 266 more calories per day than
those who did not use the extract. That is more calories
than an average session on a treadmill (and they weren’t
Top grade, organic alcohol is nature’s perfect preservative. Its indigenous vasodilative
properties function as a perfect transporter of super-nanized phytonutrients into the
blood to deliver almost immediate uptake, unparalleled by ordinary supplements.
For centuries, Oriental Medicine has known that nutrients preserved in alcohol
directly target the liver, getting a faster, deeper response than when no alcohol is
used. Tinctures preserved with alcohol have been used effectively for centuries. In
contrast, tinctures made with a glycerine base cannot deliver the same effect as tinctures
with an alcohol media. In addition, over time, nutrients degrade in the glycerine,
slowly losing their potency.
Why use an alcohol tincture?
Only the Best. The best alcohol to use is organic alcohol, free of pesticides and
chemotoxins. (Avoid tinctures with conventional alcohol because it is typically
contaminated with chemotoxins.)
Want to avoid alcohol? In a typical dose (1/2 teaspoon) of tincture, you receive about
1/90 of an ounce of alcohol. For those who want to avoid alcohol but still get the full
benefits of the tincture, simply place a dose of the tincture (usually ½ teaspoon) in a
cup and add ½ cup of very hot water. Wait for 5 or 10 minutes for the alcohol to gas
off. (Alcohol boils at 172O F. [or 78.5O C.] and will gas off at temperatures below
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